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Thank you for all the support.

Posted by Vamr1c - November 29th, 2021

Earlier this morning I went onto the site to see how my most recent post was doing; I then noticed something most peculiar, I had a notification for some odd reason, I checked it, and someone had scouted me, meaning I had the option to join the Art Portal, and this opportunity was flattering, though I did have to contemplate it for some time; because I hardly know the community, I don't know the website, I'm barely active, and my art isn't even that good, but I guess to you these things don't matter, and I appreciate it. I may have never gotten the opportunity again I thought to myself, and those words are what made me accept the offer, I am truly grateful for the opportunity.

And I suppose this post is also the perfect time to do an update on why I have been inactive, well, there are a few.

My current art setup is a Apple iPad 7th gen 10.2" with the corresponding Apple Pencil and Procreate, I love the hardware very much, though in my experience Procreate doesn't paint like paint, I love to do digital painting, and procreate always frustrates me because it acts as if the paint is dry. Let's use the example of if you painted a red stripe on the canvas, then a teal one dissecting it through the center, with real paints after the teal had entered and left the red it would have mixed the two colours together, as well as had pulled the red along with it, in procreate it does it, but the two colours merely overlay in the center... And this has drawn me away from art, since to have the software I enjoy (Photoshop), and the hardware to match is an incredible fee for something decent, the iPad and it's equivalent pen cost only around $600AUD, which is quite cheap considering the iPad has inbuilt graphics touch screen and so much more for this cost, but to get a display tablet of decent quality in Australia is anywhere over $500-800 dollars for essentially something that does, less than something I already have for the same price. Being a student, I find it difficult that for my study the only reasonable way to get this funding is to get a job, but any job that I could get would essentially be a 8-6, which would leave me with 0 time for myself, or my studies, and because of physical limitations I cannot get my own drivers license, so I don't even have the means of transport to do said job.

In conclusion, every time I wish to draw I am slowly, but surely, being pulled away from what I love to do, because I cannot do what I love or do how I love to do it due to limitation of the software that I am locked into using. Sorry for the rant, but I felt as if it needed to be stated due to the prior paragraph. I am thankful for you reading this, and I am thankful for you viewing, liking, and commenting on my posts... I truly am. And thank you so much for the people who scouted me for this dream since I was younger to become a reality.

I would draw an image to celebrate this milestone... though as stated above, I wish not to do this because it draws me away from art, for the stated reasons, and with that large fee of money of which I need collect I've been reserving the art that I do for the commissions I need to do.



This is something that has been saddening me for quite some time, and I finally saw the opportunity to get it off my chest. Thank you for everything, I may be little compared to some, though it's my little achievement, our little achievement, and I couldn't have achieved this without you. It may be small, but the implications are large.